devil+ology is home of the nouveau devil society, which is just a random mish mash of words that I thought evoked what I wanted my personal website to represent. Here is where I post things I find personally interesting, talk about my interests, and express myself without restrictions.

I've always wanted to have a site like this since I first saw a fan shrine back in '03, but now as a much older adult I can finally have one as a pet project. I hate what SNS/social media has become and I miss the days of personalized websites where people posted whatever they wanted without giving a fuck if people judged them. I like the anonmity - as in, you know what I tell you, and I can disclose as much (or as little) as I want.

name 🕇
the leviathan, but levi for short
favorite color 🕇
favorite drink 🕇
water, ginger ale, coffee, boba tea
blood type 🕇
favorite art movements 🕇
baroque, rococo, neoclassisim, spanish renaissance
favorite films 🕇
crimson peak, constantine, call me by your name, parasite, the handmaiden
favorite artists 🕇
toboso yana, j.c. leyendecker, peter paul reubens, kehinde wiley, mihara mitsukazu, yoshitako amano, obata takeshi, gustave doré, kojima ayami