This is by no means a complete list, but in general I include media that I am big fan of and/or inspired me in some way. You are more than happy to talk to me about any of them.

In general, I consider myself a fudanshi (male fan of BL works). While I do not play joseimuke or otome games, I do like R18 BL works (doujin, fanfic, etc). I have many ships and I don't care what you ship either nor do I judge - your ship is not my ship. If this isn't clear, I do not tolerate antis / fandom police / whatever you want to call them.

anime/western animation/manga/etc.

meitantei conan, death note, no. 6, avatar: the last airbender, castlevania, shin seiki evangelion, kuroshitsuji, code geass, mo dao zu shi, blackjack (OVAs and original anime), fullmetal alchemist, hellsing (OVA), PEACEMAKER kurogane, young justice

video games.

megaman battle network, the world ends with you / neo: the world ends with you, pokemon, digimon cyber sleuth, civilization VI, darkest dungeon + darkest dungeon 2, dragon age (entire series), shin megami tensei, persona 5, final fantasy 7, genshin impact , ragnarok online, resident evil (especially 0-4), silent hill, OMORI, hades, splatoon

live action.

versailles, x-men (movieverse), sherlock (BBC) and RDJ films, his dark materials (BBC)


malice mizer, moi dix mois, VERSAILLES, gackt, BUCK-TICK, luna sea, JILUKA, schwarz stein, madeth gray'll, dir en grey, the gazette, bauhaus, my chemical romance, BAISER, shazna, the cure, siouxsie sioux and the banshees, london after midnight, she wants revenge, drab majesty .... AKA visual kei and goth nonsense, with some VOCALOID and anisongs added in for variety.

fashion brands

moi meme moitie, atelier boz, BLACK PEACE NOW, putumayo, alice and the pirates, metamorphose, na plus h, alice auaa, sex pot revenge, h.NAOTO, atelier pierrot.

You can also check out my backloggd, letterboxd, goodreads, and anilist for my (cough) impeccable taste in video games, film, books, and anime respectively.


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